AJHorn 7 innovations

The changes for AJHorn 7 are technical an graphical. It was tried to build more functionalities user requested and for optimization of existing constructions. The new features are unique and bring the user nearer to the optimum. Projects that were saved with earlier versions can be opend and modified with AJHorn7.

Principle Sketch

Elimination of the static input schematic diagram and replacement by a project-related, automatically generated and proportional schematic diagram in a separate output window.

Principle Sketch

Individually positionable absorber chamber

The position of the absorber chamber is no longer coupled to the driver position and may be located anywhere along the horn.

Mouth open/closed

e.g. for the simulation of cavity resonances (standing waves) in closed or bassreflex enclosures.

Principle sketch

Individually positionable extra tunnel

e.g. for the simulation of MLTL (Mass-Loaded-TML), TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wave Tube) and slim bassreflex-enclosures.

TQWT Principle sketch

Acousic Phase (Phi_a)

Now also the phase difference between electrical input signal and sound pressure is simulated.

Acoustic Phase

Improved simulation model

By further improving the simulation model, inaccurate simulations of certain chassis / dimension parameter constellations could be eliminated.

Option "change color" for the next simulation

Selectable in the main menu under "Extras" -> "Options"


This replaces the print preview of earlier versions. Hereby the simulation results can be saved as an HTML file and thus viewed with any (Internet) browser. The possible paper printout then takes place via the print function of the browser.

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